We highly believe in cultural exchange when travelling and through music we prove it. When you are part of one of our music performance tour programmes, you leave your music and your culture in the local’s souls and you fill your baggage with their recognition, smiles and applause. We simply enjoy connecting cultures through music.

IIn addition to our passion about music tours, at Oros Travel & Tours we know how to put the important pieces together to arrange a successful musical tour. We care deeply about logistics, venues and audiences. We have long standing relationships with key partners and a firm understanding of how to design international tours.

According to your specifications we would collaborate to design your unique musical tour. You will provide us with relevant information about your group, your purposes and main ideas for the journey. Your tour will be built around the particular concerts and rehearsals you wish to experience.


Rental of instruments and choir risers

Transportations and Accommodations


What makes Oros Travel & Tours so unique for your musical tour?

We are unique through our combination of logistic skills, musical understanding and a deep and thorough knowledge of local venues and resources. Most important and above all, we have lots and lots of enthusiasm!

We know how to select the right concert venues for everyone from churches, auditoria, concert and community halls to school and university halls with good acoustics and where we know that we can attract good audiences.

It matters to us to have a collaborative and fun process while designing your unique tour. You will provide us with plenty of information about your particular group and your expectations. Then, we would investigate and offer you the best choices for you to choose and decide. Finally, we arrange it for you.

All of us at Oros Travel & Tours have a genuine interest in music and we do understand that performances and rehearsals are the most important ingredients on a concert tour. We build your tour around the concerts not vice versa.

Your group can meet local orchestras and choirs if you wish to, and will make life long relationships with local Spaniards that share the same love for music.

The technical operation of a tour most operators can handle i.e. accommodations, meals, coaches, trains and possibly ferries. However, few can do so in a very good way, coordinating the technical specificities and logistics with the more demanding concert, rehearsal and publicity arrangements. We, at Oros Travel & Tours, are second to none in that respect in Spain. We can provide an extensive number of references from very satisfied international choirs, bands and orchestras that have had the chance of performing and touring with us.

Rental of instruments and choir risers

The airlines have over the last years increased the prices for transportation of bulky instruments. Very often it is much cheaper to rent the instruments through us on the spot or for the entire duration of the tour. We have a good variety of our own in house instruments that can facilitate your musical tour in Spain if necessary.

Do not hesitate in asking what instruments we can provide for you.

Transportations and Accommodations

We are confident and have the internal knowledge to obtain always the best available option for the group.

Since Oros Travel & Tours is entirely independent and not owned by any bigger group, hotel chain or bus company, we always work for the benefit of our customer.

We work with highly professional bus companies that provide the most suitable trailers, vans or trucks for complete reliable and careful transportation of instruments.

In terms of accommodation we do negotiate and have access to very convenient contract rates based on the appropriate selection of the dates, group size and selected hotel.